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Braid Removal


NOTE: If you start the take down process of your own weave, take it down completely or you still will be charged the full fee.

Single Braids


Hair Links Salon specializes in hair braiding for women, men, and children. If you are looking for fast service and very unique styles, you’ve reached the right place! We guarantee you will receive prompt, and courteous service every time.

Nubian, Kinky, Twist, and Fluffy Twist


Kinky Twists In kinky twists, the extensions are joined to the natural hair by twisting it. They come in different styles and length as a result of the kind of hairs used.

Twostrand Twist


Long eyelashes are considered a sign of beauty in many cultures. Accordingly, some women seek to enhance their eyelash length artificially, using eyelash extensions.

Box Braids


Box braids are individual plaits that are usually divided by small squared off parts or boxes. Box braids may be of any width or length, but most women add synthetic or natural hair to the braid for length as well as thickness and fullness.

Cornrows (Adult)


Cornrow is a traditional West African hairstyle in which the hair is braided real close to the scalp with the help of an underhand. Cornrow braid styles are formed in a straight line in order to achieve a continuous raised row of hair . Cornrows vary in design that can be as simple or very sexy.

Micro Braids


Micro Braids is the best hairstyles for African American women with short hair. This hairdo gives a very neat and professional look. It consists of braids that are made up of hair to the shoulders, in single braids. You can also curl or add beads to the ends.

Cornrows (Kids)


Cornrows are the perfect go-to hairstyle for little girls because not only do they look great, but they save you precious time in the morning (and the hair combing drama) while protecting your child’s hair during the cold weather months as well as when the weather warms up.

Senegalese Twist


Short or long single Senegalese Twists are a beautiful hairstyle for African American women. These twists give a very neat and professional look for women and can be styled many ways.

Marley Twist


Marley Twist, knows as 2-strand twists, is a popular African braiding braiding hairstyle style mainly worn by black women. Marley Braids, are a popular type of braiding hair that can be used for installations, twists, dread falls or alone as Krinklepuff fall

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Hair Braiding

From popular cornrows to classic Senegalese twists, our African braiding specialists create stylish looks for all hair types.


From all natural hairstyles to glamorous weaves, Hair Links Salon can transform your hair into an exciting new look. We specialize in the latest braiding & weaving trends, keeping current with today’s most popular styles.

Haircut and Styling

Creative Braiding, unique styling, professional atmosphere, all converge into one place: Super Braids and Weaving Salon.

Individual Braids

Incredibly stylish, classy, and elegant individuals plats and Individual Braids are for every occasion and at anytime the best braids to get…


Get the look of glamour & success when you visit Hair Links Salon. We offer every braiding style - thin locks, twisted locked buns, Marley twists and more!!

Cuts • Color

We specialize in the hair treatment and keep up with the latest color & cutting techniques. Our clients come first. We strive for excellent service.

Children's Hair Styling

Very successful kid friendly & family oriented salon  specializing in children and teenagers braiding and styling in Virginia since 2003.

Cornrows & Many More

Cornrows are the most natural looking braids: Cornrows can add a fun and edgy element to your look! a quick style that will lift up your face.